School's Out

* "Dan Snyder goes on his annual power-trip trying to convince the rest of the NFL and his Redskins' poor, unfortunate fanbase that he's not merely a competent owner, but a brilliant one." [DCist]

* "After months of only visiting my MySpace profile in order to delete spam friend requests from half-nude women, I've reached the end of the line." [WUSA9]

* "A hard drive containing the Social Security numbers of nearly 40,000 Georgetown students, alumni, faculty and staff was reported stolen from the office of Student Affairs on Jan. 3." [The Hoya]

* "At this point it's not even about the money anymore, but she FUCKED with the wrong cab driver." [Dairy of a Mad DC Cabbie]

* "The Washington Academy shutdown will mark the first midschool-year closure of a D.C. charter site." [The Examiner]


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