Schools Staying Fucked Up

Not to be outdone by Rando White Male Supremacist Domestic Terrorists or Addicted To Calling 911 On Black Folks Massa Wifey Syndrome Afflicted Beckys, racists in schools are now getting in on the action. No, not Teenaged Grand Dragons pictured above either, we're talking about the supposed authority figures employed and entrusted with guiding young minds.

For instance, a Lenexa, KS 4th grader, Malachi Pearson, was doing regular 4th grader type things playing with a friend when an unnamed teacher told him that not only would he be shot by the police when he turned 16 years old, it would be his own damn fault when he did! Wow, quite a civics lesson right there. That gross bitch needs a figurative fat lip but this particular racist has up to this point been protected from being publicly shamed. Hopefully a resourceful garbage sleuth will uncover her identity and drag her for filth as you do when a primary education sadist of this level has been called out.

Also repping Kansas, thirty five miles to the north in Leavenworth, a very bold and hatefully racist substitute middle school teacher decided that she'd take it upon herself to degrade a young black girl in class as if that were her job - instead of something appropriate like explaining the dangers of a dangling participle to her young wards. On at least two occasions, the teacher told the girl "Don't give me your ugly black girl face." Moms was not pleased.

While this particular racially charged incident is not the only recently reported issue regarding Leavenworth School District staff interactions with students of color, the nasty teacher in the above scenario was shown the damn door. Becky, be gone! Baby steps, as it were.

But not so fast! Houston's Ponderosa Elementary School Principal Shanna Swearingen (she's described as a "teacher" in the news report, but identified as "principal" on the district website) took it up a notch, because don't mess with Texas that's why! Swearingen laughed with her staff that they should call the po-po on a special needs black student prone to running from class to class - and lying that he had a gun so that the cops would arrive more quickly! Jokes! She's got mad jokes!

Updates shared had the district "taking the matter seriously"  with Shanna the Clueless Entitled Woman apologizing (of course), stating that she was "heartbroken." Hey guess what? No one cares and that doesn't make it better Principal Swearingen of The Questionable Highlights. Here's to hoping that you'll be heartbroken and unemployed in the very near future - because you are so dismissed.

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