Schwarzenegger: Biggest Pothead of All Time

schpot.jpgCalifornia Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, known among fellow Republicans as "Liberal Socialist Guy Who Does Kennedy," made what he considered to be a "joke" to the latest UK edition of GQ: that marijuana is not a drug, "it's a leaf." Well HA HA HA! We the American people are so glad that you consider marijuana cigarettes to be a joke, Mr. Governor of Drugs (Drug Party-CA)! Your constituents will not stand for this anti-Jesusery.

The "joke" came after Schwarzenegger told British GQ (a.k.a. GQ, Esq.) that he had never done drugs and, the always-prepared mag called him out on the scene in 1977's Pumping Iron documentary where he was smoking a joint. The cuddly Nazi responded that "That is not a drug. It's a leaf... My drug was pumping iron, trust me" (emphasis ours).

Why should we trust him? He was probably floating all willy nilly-like in sparkly cerebral dreamland with unicorns, Care Bears and shimmering Sargent Shrivers during the interview.

Schwarzenegger says marijuana not a drug [AP/Yahoo! News]


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