Schwarzenegger Promises McCain Presidency Will Be Like POW Camp

Schwarzenegger Promises McCain Presidency Will Be Like POW Camp

According to sources in the know, the governor of California is a very smart and capable politician who demonstrates a great ability to grasp complicated subjects and quickly boil them down to their fundamentals. He is also a pretty hilarious entertainer. For example! Yesterday at a McCain rally in Ohio he cracked a few jokes about Barack Obama's skinny legs, and he made a better argument for John McCain's tax policy than John McCain ever had. But the VERY BEST part came at the end.

You know the old "who would you rather have a beer with" question? Arnold kicked that up a notch:

SCHWARZENEGGER: [W]hen Americans go into that voting booth on Tuesday, I hope that you will think about this. If you were in a POW cell, with the threat and danger and torture as part of the daily life, who would you want in that cell with you?

AUDIENCE: John McCain!

SCHWARZENEGGER: A man -- you want a man of eloquence or a man of proven courage --

AUDIENCE: John McCain!

SCHWARZENEGGER: -- who has shown that he will fight for others, even at the sacrifice to himself, who has been tested in crisis?

So hooray, four years with John McCain as president will kind of be like four years in a tiny Vietnamese prison cell: chock full o' fear and torture and deprivation. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL.

Transcript: Schwarzenegger Campaigns With McCain [CNN]


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