Science: 'Massaging Your Scalp With Cigarette Ash' Might Be Ill-Advised


  • Aww, Jim Inhofe’s grandchildren built Al Gore a spacious snow cavern to live in! How did they know Al's fursona was a "homeless but sensitive polar bear?" [Think Progress]

  • Looks like it's going to be another lonely, miserable Valentine's Day, huh? Hey, why not fingerbang a heavily-discounted Newt Gingrich paperback from the NRO bookstore instead? Ships with a bottle of Newt's famous pheromone cologne so you can set the mood! [The Corner]

  • "How many Americans will die because of Barack Obama’s handling of national security?" Hopefully enough in time for the 2012 elections! [RedState]

  • Obama's "the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist" policy is in direct conflict with Rumsfeld's way better "keep that terrorist alive so we can tickle him with a power drill" doctrine. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Bad news for feral Hill interns who snack on cigarette butts and other special treasures they find on the Mall: You are exposing yourself to third-hand smoke. [Gateway Pundit]


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