Science Proves It: Ice Dancing Is The Best Olympic Sport

  • This week, your "Disaster on tiny island brings misery to all" news is brought to you by Madeira. [New York Times]
  • Recent surveys suggest that the public is losing faith in science, because what has science ever done for them except give them penicillin and jet packs? [Financial Times]
  • Gordon Brown is just a screaming bitch of a diva, apparently, which is why his staff reported him to Great Britain's Archbishop of Collegiality. [UK Press Association]
  • If you woke up yesterday morning feeling like everything was suddenly super awesome and all your problems had magically melted away, that's because much-awaited credit card reforms finally went into effect. [USA Today]
  • This week Toyota executives will attend hearings at the headquarters of the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Capitol Hill. [Washington Post]

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