Scientific Studies Show We're Turning Into Insecure Jerks


Hi everyone, it is the time of the day when we welcome our new intern, Sulagna Misra! ("Soo-LOG-nuh") She comes to us from NYU and USC and also New Jersey, and she will be writing linky posts and also the Tumblr. Did you know we had a Tumblr? No, neither did we, because we abandoned and forgot it because of Oldness. HELLO SULAGNA WELCOME TO YOUR WONKET. Here, she has made you a linky post. Be excellent unto her, please! -- The Editrix

  • The increase in chemicals on the environment is not only slowly killing ALL the trees, it's making us more neurotic. So basically, more chemicals in the air = more sitcoms like Seinfeld. [Science Daily]
  • A weird, terrible study suggests a correlation between organic food and low moral fiber. But actually, this study is really, really terrible, and someone really just wanted to see if they could make Michael Pollan mad. [Grist]
  • The frustratingly named Gregory Jaczko, head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, steps down. He was a total jerk who took every opportunity to yell at people JUST BECAUSE FUKUSHIMA WAS HAPPENING (jerk). [NPR]
  • Apple installs three new data centers that run on 100% renewable energy, proving they too are susceptible to catchy slogans like "Clean our cloud!" [Renewable Energy World]

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