Here, the 'Times' can explain this better than we can - Wonkette...of one charge. That would be the false Statement to the FBI about his chat with Matt Cooper. Totally, 100% innocent. WE KNEW IT ALL ALONG, THIS ENTIRE TRIAL HAS BEEN A FARCE.

Actually, it sorta was -- the jury was seemingly made up of 12 angry morons.

Right up to the final stages of the deliberations, there were hints of some confusion on the jury as to just what Mr. Libby was accused of doing. This morning, for instance, Judge Walton was asked if Mr. Libby was accused of making a false statement to a reporter from Time magazine. No, the judge said; he was not.

We are but simple unfrozen cavement bloggers, yet we did actually figure out what the charges against Scooter were a couple weeks ago, and we've barely been paying attention to anything but Drudge headlines about the weather for a month.

We'll have more Libby fun later today, as that's pretty much the only thing worth writing about today!

Libby Guilty of Lying in CIA Leak Case [NYT]


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