Scooter Libby: The Final Nail in Journalism's Coffin

How did one jerkoff with a goofy nickname kill an American Institution? Well, waiting until it had been thoroughly debased didn't hurt. And he had help: Tim Russert, Judy Miller, and a whole ragtag gang of media whores successfully defanged the first amendment with him. The New York Times today quotes about a dozen media experts and journalism professors saying variations on "the Libby trial is over -- begun the clone wars have," then trashing the journos who got us into this mess:

"They're not fearless advocates," Professor Feldstein said of the reporters involved, "but supplicants, willing and even eager to be manipulated."

Now, now, Professor Feldstein! Tim Russert is too a fearless advocate! Of the Buffalo Bills, and probably meatball subs, but still!

Tangential note: can anyone find us a "high-profile First Amendment attorney" who's won a single important case in the last 40 years? Should embattled journalists and activists start hiring low-profile Ninth Amendment attorneys instead? Or just hiring lawyers from the TV? If you lose your landmark Supreme Court case, you don't have to pay!

After Libby Trial, New Era for Government and Press [NYT]


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