RABID SCOOTER DRIVERS ON THE LOOSE is how you should now think of America's highways, so please "watch out." A vehicle containing an injured Pittsburgh Pirates player and his family came under attack by a scooter driver who thought the family's car was trying to kill him, so he followed them to a gas station and went all "Operation Scooter Freedom" on their vehicle and the player's wife. A passerby intervened and lived to tell this harrowing tale:

Mr. Changle, a former high school wrestler and volunteer firefighter, described the Wednesday encounter, which ended when police responded and filed charges against Subhash Arjanbhi Modhwadia, 44, also of Scott, including aggravated assault and criminal mischief. He remained jailed this morning on $25,000 bond.

Police said the scuffle happened after Ms. Snyder's vehicle narrowly avoided Mr. Modhwadia, who was driving a scooter, on Potomac Avenue. He apparently followed her into the gas station lot and threw the scooter down in front of her car, alarming her and Mr. Snyder, who was unable to intervene due to back surgery he had last week.

Mr. Changle said the stranger continued to attack despite his attempts to fend him off. Even when he got the man on the ground, he bit him in the arm. When an off-duty police officer arrived and took over, Mr. Modhwadia became combative again, eventually throwing a shoe in their direction.

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; h/t "Jonathan S."]


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