Scooter -- Still Welcome At the Cool Kids Table?

Two quick things:

* We've meant to comment on this before, but the "White House Press Briefings Starring SCOTT MCCLELLAN" graphic on the White House website is fucking awesome.


Man, doesn't Scott look IN CHARGE and INTENSE and COMPETENT and NOT ABOUT TO GET SHIT-CANNED there? That aside...

* From today's gaggle: what's all this about?

QUESTION: Scott, on March the 30th, I believe, last Thursday, Mr. Libby was spotted at the White House Mess. It just seems unusual that he would be coming back to the White House in this situation. Any ideas why he --

Scott McClellan: I don't know anything about that. I don't think so.

QUESTION: You don't think what?

Scott McClellan: I don't think he was here.

QUESTION: What would you do if I --

Scott McClellan: You spotted him?

QUESTION: I have a pretty good source I trust that did.

Scott McClellan: I'll check into it, John, but I don't think that's --

Was there a secret lunchtime metting of Team Cheney? And no one invited Scott? Does he count as a member of Team Bush or is he like their batboy or something?

McClellan Bobs and Weaves, but Certainly Doesn't Leak [TPM]


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