Scooter Libby's being sentenced today for patriotic crimes of America-loving, and also not remembering anything he ever said or did while advising and doing the bidding of the most powerful people in the country. Back in March, our legal expert suggested a 24-month term, with Scooter out early for good behavior.

And hey, what are the chances, Murray Waas' instant Libby book is out today too (he's signing at the Georgetown B&N, ladies!).

But we're actually much more excited for these:

In the weeks before today's sentencing, admirers and detractors of Libby sent Walton more than 150 letters recommending leniency or a harsh prison term. Walton was set to release the letters today, which come from both government officials and private citizens.

Which will be funnier, the leniency letters or the lock-'em-up screeds? They both sound so good! Judy Miller's will probably be really dirty!

(We, of course, wrote one of each. And signed them both "Valerie Flame.")

Libby Faces Sentencing in CIA Leak Case [WP]


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