Scooter's Tender Resignations

myweektms03.jpgWell, it's being reported that Scooter Libby has officially tendered his resignation to both Vice President Cheney and President Bush. In fact, the resignation letter came in earlier today. There's no doubt that the cushion of the President's Early Morning Resignation Acceptance Chair was still discernibly warm.

Swirling out the Situation Room--wherein I've been trapped like R. Kelly for the past hour--is the news that the Vice President might become a material witness in this case. Cheney's health being what it is, it's easy to picture the slack-jawed Veep strapped into one of those old-school Star Trek courtroom life-support chairs, restricted to one beep for yes, two beeps for no.

Looking back, it's clear that this administration made a big mistake demonizing gay marriage. If it had been made the law of the land in 2003, Cheney and Libby could have tied the knot well in advance of this indictment. As a result, the types of questions Cheney could be compelled to answer would have been greatly curtailed. Future administrations should pay heed: shack up before you lawyer up.


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