Scott Brown Convinces Kagan To Love America, With His Handsomeness


We all know thatboy-crazy Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has only orchestrated this whole nomination business to get some facetime with distinguished older gentlemen in hopes of finally finding "the one." But only Republican hero Scott Brown realized the leverage this gave Senators over the future judicial dictator, and he used all of his powers of sexiness to get her to abandon her plans to declare the Army unconstitutional on her first day on the bench.

Brown and Kagan's liberal hometown rag reports:

"It was very clear to me after we spoke about it at length that she is supportive of the men and women who are fighting to protect us, and very supportive of the military as a whole," said Brown, a military lawyer in the Massachusetts National Guard. "I do not feel that her judicial philosophy will be hurting the men and women who are serving."

(And you should really click that link because it contains an adorable picture of Scott Brown totally checking out Elena Kagan's ass while she grins girlishly.)

Anyway, Brown and the other New England liberal monster, Susan Collins, probably won't filibuster Kagan now, so look for the Supreme Court softball team to avenge years of defeats at the hands of those jocks at the Congressional Budget Office soon enough. [Boston Hearld, NYT]


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