Scott Brown Got Millions To Shill For Gun Company So Fake And Grifty Sarah Palin Probably Turned Them Down

Scott Brown Got Millions To Shill For Gun Company So Fake And Grifty Sarah Palin Probably Turned Them Down

What grifty funtime guntimes is pobrecito loser carpetbagger struggling New Hampshire "candidate" and onetime US Senator (hahaha, remember that?) Scott Brown up to his limpid eyeballs in today? Oh, justtaking $1.3 million to shill for a gun company that used to be a "wireless data" firm, and before that was a beauty supply store (no, really), and has "no revenue, no patents, no trademarks, no manufacturing facilities, and no experience developing weapons, according to its most recent corporate filings."

Hooboy, sell us some pennystocks, Global Digital Solutions Inc., we are feeling like we got way too much money to pay people "salaries," and we would like to be parted from it!

What is the best part of this shameful scam of a "company" from whom Scott Brown took $1.3 million to plaster his John Hancock all over their advisory board?

This part!

Global Digital lists a prestigious address in West Palm Beach with a majestic view of the water and the Island of Palm Beach as its headquarters.

A reporter who went to the address Friday found the company was not listed on any building directory. A receptionist in the suite listed as the company’s address told a reporter: “They’re not here. It’s by appointment only.”

The building directory lists another company at the suite: HQ Global Workplaces, which advertises that it provides clients with an address and access to furnished conference rooms as needed. Global Digital reported in a securities filing that it signed a 12-month lease last year for a “virtual office” in West Palm Beach for $299 per month.

Also, they hired this chick, like a month after she had to resign as the nation's pretty much only black lady Republican elected official, for being too grifty for Florida.

Well done, Scott Brown. We mean you. YA BURNT.

[Globe, via our boyfriend, Charlie Pierce]

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