Scott Brown Once Again Supports Lazy Jobless People Who Lost Their Jobs, Because He Is a Communist


Senator Scott Brown stiffed Patriot-Americans yet again on Monday byvoting to consider a "temporary extension of unemployment benefits." This does not sit well with wise cat-hording grandma Tom Coburn, a licensed medical professional from a real state and one of the nation's leading experts in PRIORITY SCIENCE.

“We refuse to do the same things that families across this country do every day, and that’s make a choice about priorities,” said Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma and primary advocate of covering the costs of the benefits through cuts in other benefit programs.

Those things that senators refuse to do, but which "families across this country do every day" include working full-time without health benefits -- not usually a "choice" so never mind!

Handsome nudist Scott Brown doesn't care if unemployed flunkies take all their ObamaCash and mindlessly blow it on cold appetizers and little outfits for their dogs and fancy resume paper. He's too busy with his elitist plan to "change the tone in Washington."

Brown's reliably evil coven of anti-American Republicans once again joined the Quest To Ruin America: Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Ohio weirdo George Voinovich, because he's retiring soon and supports the deadly sin of Sloth. [New York Times]


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