Scott Brown Throws Sarah Palin Under the Tea Party Express

Scott Brown Throws Sarah Palin Under the Tea Party Express

  • Because they were so desperate for a Hero, America's lonely old teabaggers put all their hopes and dreams on a handsome, naked, liberal man in the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts. At least he was white! But after sending him all of their Social Security checks and Green Stamps and whatever, Scott Brown proudly took Ted Kennedy's seat cushion in the U.S. Senate and started voting for every liberal sell-out chunk of communist legislation, starting with some far-left welfare law that would help people who lost their jobs, and give, uh, big tax breaks to employers who added workers. And now Scott Brown won't come to Sarah Palin's Boston Tea Party on Wednesday. [Boston Herald]
  • Senate Republicans are kind of "meh" on whether they'll try to filibuster whatever boring person Obama nominates for the Supreme Court vacancy left by John Paul Stevens. [Los Angeles Times]
  • But the Republicans *are* very excited about repeating their 1994 House upset, but they probably won't, because it's now 2010 instead of 1994, and Times Are Different. [New York Times]
  • A plane crash killed Lech Kaczynski, the president of Poland, along with 95 other passengers and crew including most of the country's political and military leadership. Horrible. Also, the president's identical twin brother -- who leads the opposition party -- visited the site of the disaster in Russia. [BBC News/ABC News]

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