Scott McClellan Gets Polled

Regarding the Great Go Away Poll of 2005, executive branch division. Thanks so much for your nominations thus far for people/phrases/words you'd like to be banned. But we're changing rules mid-stream. While we'd like to stay the course during this ongoing investigation, people on the ground are telling us that Scott McClellan, while a part of the executive branch, deserves his very own poll. So keep your suggestions coming, but don't expect McClellan-related phrases to appear on the executive branch "Go Away" poll, unless you hate freedom. Look, folks, we have to fight the poll there so we don't have to fight it here. Unless you hate freedom.

Exec branch poll coming shortly.

Send words and phrases that should be banned from Scott's vocabulary to with "go away" and "Scott" or "McClellan" or "Scott McClellan" or "spokespuppy" in the subject line.

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