Things are getting so bad in the WH briefing room that even Scott McClellan admits he's gotten his ass chewed:

MR. McCLELLAN: It may not look like it, but there's a little flesh that's been taken out of me the past few days. (Laughter.)

Q Where?

MR. McCLELLAN: Like I said, it may not look like it. (Laughter.) I can assure you that it has been.

Wonkette's own Fred Becker has been observing this feeding frenzy and wonders if we can't all get along:
Dear Lady Wonkette:

I've always been inspired by the President's compassionate conservative agenda, particularly when he calls on Americans to hug a neighbor in need. I have very attractive neighbors. Maybe President should show a little of that compassion in his workplace. Why not just wander down the hall and give Scott a little cuddle, you know? Or, maybe Bush could just stop by the briefing and visit the way he does the local soup kitchen volunteer. "I'm here today with little Scotty McLellan," the President might say. "He's been doing his part for the war on terror for two years, saving the pasty faced and porcine from accountability. Though his personal credibility has been shot through, he's continuing to perform this brave service. I am grateful and I know America is grateful and I know Karl Rove is really really grateful, if you know what I mean."

Just a thought.

Until my next one, I remain your reverential minion,


July 13, 2005, Press Briefing by Scott McClellan []

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