Scott McClellan Takes a Question

redactedCableNewser hears things:

    The tensions between the White House press corps and press secretary Scott McClellan came to a head Friday morning, in the off-camera press gaggle. . . At the end of the briefing (one dominated by questions of thirty years ago), FOX News correspondent James Rosen leaned over to McClellan. "Scott, you did not do a good job for your boss today," Rosen remarked.

Why is Rosen so tough on Scott? He's not doing a bad job: He's staying on message! It's just that the press corps is, too.

    MR. McCLELLAN: John, here's the question, quote from Tim Russert. "But you will allow pay stubs, tax records" --

    Q. Let's go with the first question. You're parsing.

    MR. McCLELLAN: No, I think you are, because the issue that Tim Russert raised was whether or not he had served while he was in Alabama.

    Q. Read the first question, Scott.

    [. . . ]

    Q. Read the first question.

    [. . . ]

    Q. Right. It was the very first question --

    [. . . ]

    Q. The very first question, when he said, "entire record," the President said, "Yeah."

    [. . . ]

    Q. The first question was about entire --

    [. . . ]

    Q. We're going to end up on the Daily Show again with this one.

Exclusive: Inside the Press Gaggle [CableNewser]

13 Feb. 2004 (3) []

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