Scott v. Harris Most Thrilling, Chilling SCOTUS Case Since The People v. Mad Max

Appeal for speed -- granted! - WonketteThe Supreme Court is currently hearing Scott v. Harris, which is deciding whether a cop who rammed a speeding car used unnecessary deadly force. Which sounds pretty ho-hum, sure, but this one has a kick-ass car chase video.

Justice Antonin Scalia called it "the scariest chase I ever saw since 'The French Connection'" as he grilled the lawyer for Harris, Craig Jones of Edmond & Jones in Atlanta. "It's frightening."

And Justice Stephen Breyer, thinking out loud, told Jones he had been "shifting back and forth" as he read the briefs in the case, "and then I looked at the tape."

Quoting from the noted legal scholar Chico Marx -- of Marx Brothers fame -- Breyer later said, again referring to the tape, "Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" The quote is from the classic Marx Brothers' movie "Duck Soup."

If Scalia starts speaking exclusively in critic pull-quotes from movie trailers, we'll join the push to start televising SCOTUS arguments. Meanwhile, someone upload this to YouTube, the public needs to know.

Chase Video Steals Show as High Court Hears Case on Police Force [Legal Times]


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