Scott Walker: Think of the Children We Could Save With This Recall Money


Alleged Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker went on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Monday morning to talk about the valiant effort to get him recalled, and being a Republican, decided to try to make us feel guilty about our finances, saying that if it weren't for the Wisconsin taxpaying people's efforts to overthrow him, the money that's being used to overthrow him could be spent on children and old people. Huh. Nope, not interested. Walker also said that the reason he is such an awful governor is because he's been "distracted" by attempts to get him removed from the position.

Yes, well. This guy is a spray-painted-hair-sporting fool and a half. He described himself as being far ahead of his Democratic rivals in the election contest, and yet in the seconds previous to that declaration MSNBC contributor Willie Geist quoted some stats showing Walker with a 47/47 approval/disapproval rating. Geist essentially fed him the "Aren't you terribly distracted?" question, but instead of dismissing it like a good politician would, Walker jumped at the chance to be a diva/the exact guy the Wisconsin people do not like him for being:

Well, we’re focused, but it’s a huge distraction, not just for me, for the legislature. I mean, it’s $9 million of taxpayers’ money just to run this. Think about the number of kids we could help, think of the number of seniors we could help in our state with $9 million that we didn’t have to waste on this — this frivolous recall election.

"Frivolous": spoken like a true dictator. Does Walker not realize that the very chunk of people who want him out could potentially be persuaded to keep him in? Who does Scott call friends? What is "frivolous" about democracy? Hmm.

Then a few beats after calling his own people "frivolous"-minded, the governor seemed to realize that these are the only people he's got, because his career will be over after this, and added:

But you know, I had to work hard to earn the trust of a majority of people in my state two years ago. I’m gonna have to work even harder to renew that trust with a majority of voters in our state. And I think in the end, when they see that we’re heading in the right direction — we’ve turned the corner, it is a new day in Wisconsin.

It is? Anyway, there is at least one person who WILL STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND WITH GOVERNOR WALK-ER!

Also, not to sound like Mitt Romney, but in the grand scheme of a state budget, $9 million is really not very much money if it means saying goodbye to a power-hungry buffoon with a grease-covered brillo pad for hair. [TalkingPointsMemo]


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