Scott Walker Would Like All The Money For You To Pray With Him, Please


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got re-elected somehow -- mandate of heaven, we guess -- and he's putting together plans for a big inaugural hootenanny. Now, in years past, inaugural events in Wisconsin used to also double as fundraisers for charities, like Boys and Girls Clubs or other worthy causes. But that was merely a tradition, and an apparently outmoded one, so with his 2011 inauguration, Walker turned the admission fees for inaugural events into a Scott Walker/Republican Party of Wisconsin fundraiser, which raised quite a bit of campaign cash and not a few eyebrows. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that for 2015, he's doing the same thing, raising money for a great Wisconsin charity: Scott Walker. Tell us more, Saul Newton of One Wisconsin Now:

For $20, the public can go ice-skating with the Scott Walker. [sic] For $50, the public is allowed to listen to music with Scott Walker. For anyone who wants to pray with Scott Walker, the cost is $25. One ticket to the black-tie 2015 Inaugural Ball can cost up to $1000. In addition, the public can purchase “Sponsorship Packages” for anywhere between $2,500 and $25,000 or a “Hospitality Suite” for an unspecified price. The money raised from these events goes to Walker’s campaign and the Republican Party of Wisconsin. The Boys and Girls Club recently received their consolation prize: a photo opportunity with the Governor himself.

That "Pay to Pray" part sounds especially promising for trolling -- for just $25, you could go to the prayer breakfast wearing your yarmulke, and you could wish Scott Walker a hearty "Molotov" on his re-election. Sure, you'd have wasted $25 on a Scott Walker fundraiser, but for the lulz, it might be worth it. It would be such a mikvah!

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