Scott Walker's Wife Makes Strong Bid to be Grifter-in-Chief

Scott Walker's Wife Makes Strong Bid to be Grifter-in-Chief

Oh good lord it is impossible to go back and see how many times we've had to write about horrible semi-human Scott Walker and money. We have approximately eleventy-gillion tabs open right now looking at past Wonkette missives about just how Walker's entire political career is built on dicking over the poors while lining his own pockets. Remember Walkercockblocking Milwaukee from requiring employers to have sick days? How about being a whiny little twerp about only making $144K a year? And let's not forget that golden oldie: buying iPads for state workers as long as they work in the agency you created.  Basically, Scott Walker is an untrammeled dick. However, for really unvarnished awfulness, you really need to look at Walker's wife, the improbably named Tonette Walker.

Believe it or not, yr Wonkette has had to write about the female half of this unholy union last year when she begged rich ladies to give her money so that the mansion she and Scotty live in for free could be even nicer. Take it away, younger, hotter Wonkette of last year  blockquoting the ever-living shit out of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

The first lady said in her email accompanying the invitation that she hopes the event generates enough “resources to help us restore the Residence to its intended historic charm, beauty, and value.”

“I am inviting fellow leading ladies like yourself to please join me in donating a purse filled with some of your favorite things. The purses will then be raffled off at the event,” Tonette Walker added. “For example, I’ll be donating a Tignanello bag filled with some of my can’t-live-without items like my favorite shade of Bobbi Brownlipstick and an Aveda hand cream that I can’t get enough of.” [...]

Annie Nolan, assistant to the first lady, offered a different take on the event.

The Walkers are upgrading the mansion, Nolan emphasized, without dipping into state coffers.

Yes, back in the hazy yesteryear of 2011, First Lady Walkerette had her spokescreature self-righteously explain that no how, no way were they going to need state money to fix up their free mansion. You, dear readers, will be unsurprised to learn that this commitment to fiscal responsibility did not last long at all:

The Wisconsin Department of Administration is asking the State Building Commission to approve $478,700 in general fund supported borrowing for kitchen renovations at the Governor's mansion.

The request for the revamp of both the first floor kitchen and the second floor private quarters kitchenette originally came from First Lady Tonette Walker.[...]

[I]n the DOA's request to the State Building Commission, the project description includes several changes to the kitchen with the installation of new equipment, such as commercial grade storage cabinets, shelving, disposal, dishwasher, oven, stove, refrigerators and freezers.

It also calls for the installation of new cabinetry and updates to existing ceiling and lighting features.

Later in the article there's some arglebargle about how there will be some fundraising so it is unclear just how much of the cost of this Cadillac, nay, this stretch Hummer of a kitchen will be covered by donations and what will be suctioned up from taxpayers. Why kid yourself, Wisconsin Wonketters? You will pay for all of this!

As your Editrix thoughtfully noted, $478K worth of kitchen is a FUCKLOAD of kitchen. You probably wish you had a free mansion that someone else would pay to make nicer, don't you? Too bad. You likely hate the poors and the unions too little to get all these things. Go rock your integrity to sleep while you eat thin gruel and heat your house with the oven, slacker.



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