SCOTUS Among Us: Guess the Two "Judge Shirleys" Were Busy

DoesntlooklikeanedithwillgiveherthatYou've probably heard that there are two Ediths on the short list for Sandra Day O'Connor's vacancy on the Supreme Court: Either Edith Hollan Jones (pro-life, pro-death penalty, not-so-friendly to idea of sexual harassment) or Edith Brown Clement (not quite so into the death penalty, pro-business, understandably goes by "Joy"). We don't know what we're shocked more by, that there are two Ediths up for Supreme Court of the United States or that there are two Ediths in the entire United States.

Various bloggers have put forward Edith "Joy" Clement as not just the front runner, but the already-decided choice. goes back out on the shaky limb which broke under the weight of William Rehnquist's "fuck you, I'm working" statement:

1. It is Joy [Clement].

2. WH will announce quickly, probably tomorrow.

3. Major players are on board.

4. Senate Dems are okay.

Bullet points! Numbers! Horoscopes should have those.

Seriously: Something is going to happen this week. And whoever it is may be pro-death penalty most of the time, but she's definitely saving one guilty man's ass and it belongs to Karl Rove.

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