SCOTUS Declares Your Uterus Unconstitutional

We hope you all had some kick-ass partial-birth abortions back in the '90s, 'cause now the fun's over. The Supreme Court has declared the 2003 ban on the procedure, which we're pretty sure was invented for the purposes of banning it, to be constitutional.

This is a huge blow to baby-killers across the nation, who'll now be forced to merely dismember innocent unborn children in utero.

If you'd like to read the opinion and dissent, set up two teddy bears facing each other at a tiny table and read aloud from a book of Andy Capp strips, with Andy representing the majority, and Flo representing the dissent.

(Planned Parenthood will be protesting at 3 today outside the Supreme Court, where they shall burn fetuses in effigy)

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Abortion Procedure [AP via NYT]


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