SCOTUS Nominee Wedding Crashers

JaneRoberts.jpgInteresting fact about J. Michael Luttig, now back on the SCOTUS shortlist after Miers' withdrawal: he was the best man at Chief Justice John Roberts' wedding. Believe it or not, we've actually had Chief Justice who has served on the Court alongside his best man once before. For sixteen years, Chief Justice Warren Burger shared the company of Minnesotan buddy Harry Blackmun. If Luttig and Roberts value their relationship, though, Luttig might think twice about accepting a nomination--Burger and Blackmun ended up estranged as a result of working together. And legal precedent is a powerful thing.

Still, tapping Luttig as the nom raises the entertaining, though outside, possibility that the Judiciary Committee might subpoena Luttig's champagne toast, the highlight of which we imagine might read, "Jane, let me tell ya, you are marrying one hell of a strict Constitutional constructionist. That means you can bet your pert ass that you are having those babies! Am I right, people? Am I right!"

That toast, by the way? Billed as a pro bono amicus brief, natch.

GRIND EXTRA: The Supreme Court Also-Rans [CNN]


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