DC Court Says Climate Change Prof Can Sue The F*ck Out Of National Review And Man We're Broken Up About It

Go fuck yourself William F. Buckley :D

Yesterday, the Supreme Court denied a cert petition in Competitive Enterprise Institute and National Review v. Michael E. Mann, letting a DC Court of Appeals order allowing the lawsuit to go forward to stand.

And I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to see the bros over at the National Review go in front of a DC jury.

When this Supreme Court refuses the opportunity to jump in to both protect the bootlickers at the National Review AND try to debunk climate change, you know someone done fucked up.

Excuse me for a moment.




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Supreme Court Might Let Trump Tell Congress, America To Get Bent

Only little people pay taxes.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided to once again halt the release of Donald Trump's tax returns.

The brief order in Trump v. Mazars temporarily blocks a lower court order requiring the accounting firm to turn Trump's tax returns over to the House Oversight and Reform Committee, which first issued subpoenas for the returns back in April.

What does this mean?

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Man Who Helped Immigrants NOT DIE Not Guilty Of Helping Immigrants NOT DIE

We got us a Nice Time!

Dr. Scott Warren is a humanitarian and Arizona border activist. He was arrested, charged with a felony, and put on trial -- twice -- for being a good person.

His crimes? Literally saving lives. Warren was charged with two felony counts of harboring illegal immigrants for giving food, water, and temporary shelter to two migrants in the Arizona desert.

For saving two lives, Warren faced up to 20 years in prison.

Thankfully, the jurors weren't buying what the Trump prosecutors were selling, and the 12-person jury came back quickly with its verdict of not guilty on all counts.

As Laurie Roberts wrote for the Arizona Republic:

Fortunately, there are some things that endure, even in the Trump era.

Things like faith and hope and the ability to offer a cup of water to a thirsty man.

Warren was charged with a crime for WHAT?!

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Trump Plucks Steven Menashi From Under Bridge, Installs Him On Appeals Court


Steven Menashi is bad. He has spent most of his adult life fighting against equality and justice and fighting for the rights of corporations and straight white males exclusively. And now, he has a lifetime appointment to a federal circuit court of appeals that makes decisions for nearly 24 million people.

Menashi's confirmation to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals wasn't always a sure thing. Early in the confirmation process, he faced bipartisan opposition and skepticism. Even reliable Trump lackeys like Lindsey Graham and John Kennedy expressed doubts. And Menashi didn't win himself any goodwill when he refused to answer basic questions from both Democratic and Republican senators.

But at the end of the day, Republican stooges almost always fall in line, which is exactly what they did late last week. The only Republican present to break ranks was Maine's favorite sycophant, Susan Collins, who faces a tough challenge from Maine's House Speaker, Susan Gideon, in 2020. (Yup, fake "moderate" Lisa Murkowski voted to confirm.) Although every Democrat present voted nay (even Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema!), Menashi was confirmed 51-41.

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Texas To Hold Off On Executing Potentially Innocent Man

Rodney Reed argues that police have the evidence that could prove him innocent.

Rodney Reed has been on death row for two decades. The entire time, he has proclaimed his innocence. More than that, he has argued that police already have the evidence that could prove his innocence. And yet, he remains on death row and the evidence remains untested.

Yesterday, two very unusual things happened. First, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles unanimously recommended Texas Governor Greg Abbott stop the execution. And then, amazingly, the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals issued an indefinite stay of execution and sent Reed's case back down to the lower courts.

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Hey, How's That New Supreme Court Working Out For You?

Hey now hey now don't dream it's over.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court held oral arguments in a trio of cases about Trump's decision to terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Department of Homeland Security (DHS) v. Regents of the University of California, Trump v. NAACP, and McAleenan v. Vidal.

Outside, there were so many pro-DACA demonstrators that police shut down the street in front of the Supreme Court. Inside, the courtroom was packed with Dreamers -- the people who were brought to the US as children, who just about everyone agrees are American and belong here. Just about.

Trump Solicitor General Noel Francisco went up against George W. Bush Solicitor General Theodore Olson and California Solicitor General Michael Mongan as the three argued about whether Trump's decision to terminate DACA was legal.

This case is incredibly important. Roughly 700,000 Dreamers currently have DACA status. DACA allows undocumented people who came to the US as children to live and work here legally, provided they register with the government and meet a number of criteria.

The average DACA recipient came to the US at age three. People who have been working here legally under the program could once again find themselves eligible for deportation.

And right now, Dreamers' chances don't look good.

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Roger Stone Charms Jury By Staying Off Witness Stand

Even a blind squirrel is right twice a day.

If Donald Trump's campaign was really doing NO COLLUSION with Russia, it sure as hell wasn't for lack of trying. Testimony from Steve Bannon and Rick Gates conclusively establishes that the Trump campaign believed they were working with Wikileaks through Roger Stone to get the stolen DNC emails released.

Maybe Roger Stone was lying about having a conduit to Wikileaks, although he and that loon Jerome Corsi correctly "predicted" that it would soon be John Podesta's "time in the barrel." And perhaps the Trump campaign didn't realize that Kremlin-backed hackers had broken into the DNC server. Although Rick Gates testified that just days before his famous plea for Hillary Clinton's emails, "Russia, if you're listening," Trump hung up the phone after speaking to Roger Stone and announced that Wikileaks was going to dump more stolen Clinton dirt.

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Should SCOTUS Judges Pal Around With Professional Bigots Whose Cases They Are Trying?

Seems like a bad idea, too bad it's not an ethics violation.

Some Supreme Court justices just can't stop being bigots.

Last week not one, but two justices with lifetime appointments to the highest court in the United States decided it would be fun to hang out with the leader of an anti-LGBTQ hate group at the Supreme Court. In the same term as SCOTUS is set to decide three important cases that will likely set the tone for decades to come.

So that's all just great.

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E Jean Carroll Is Not F*cking Around

What makes this Trump-rape-denial-defamation suit different from all other Trump-rape-denial-defamation suits? LAWSPLAINER.

In June, writer E. Jean Carroll went public with her story of being raped by Donald Trump in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. Trump, being Trump, responded with personal attacks about Carroll's character and looks. Now, Carroll is suing Trump for defamation and WE ARE HERE FOR IT!

Trump's response to Carroll coming forward with her story was typical, disgusting, and unacceptable. He insulted her appearance, called her a liar, and attacked her credibility. And he very well may have also defamed her in the process.

Of course, this is far from the first time Trump has lied and defamed the reputation of a woman who accused him of sexual abuse. As the complaint notes:

These lies were familiar to Trump. He had used them before, when other women stated that he had grabbed, groped, or raped them.

In response to Carroll's suit, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham basically asked to be added as a defendant herself, saying:

I guess since the book did not make any money she's trying to get paid another way. The story she used to try and sell her trash book never happened, period. Her version of events is not even feasible if you've ever tried on clothing in a dressing room of a crowded department store. The lawsuit is frivolous and the story is a fraud — just like the author.

Here are the facts

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Wanna See A Gay-Hatin' Bigot Baby Cry? Click Here! (This Is ABSOLUTELY Clickbait)

Bigot has a sad.

Trump judicial nominee and known bigot Lawrence VanDyke broke down in tears while testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, and it's really just a glorious sight to behold.

Trump had nominated VanDyke to a lifetime position on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, by far the largest circuit court in the country. Naturally, VanDyke is really not a fan of LGBTQ people, women, reproductive rights, the environment, or protecting people from gun violence.

The American Bar Association (ABA) issued a scathing letter about VanDyke earlier this week, saying he was not qualified to sit on the federal bench. After dozens of interviews with colleagues, judges, and other who have worked with VanDyke, the ABA was told by a number of people that he was "arrogant, lazy, not committed to truth," as well as likely to be biased against LGBTQ people.

Republican sycophant Josh Hawley brought up the ABA letter in an attempt to discredit its account, and in response VanDyke started sobbing. And honestly, it's terrific.

Moment Trumps judicial nominee Lawrence VanDyke plays the emotional card

Someone should have told him crying only impresses Trump when it's followed by a screaming rant about how you are ENTITLED to sexually assault women and also YOU LIKE BEER.

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Conspiracy Theories

We Will Have Whatever Mike Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell Is Snorting

Somebody should do a wellness check.

Michael Flynn's batshit lawyer is at it again.

In briefs filed last week in federal court, Flynn's lawyer, Sidney Powell, went full crazy, saying poor liddle Mike Flynn was "deliberately and maliciously destroyed by outrageous government conduct[.]" And somehow this all relates to Peter Strzok's text messages, Seth Rich, Hillary's emails, Ukraine, Russia, and NO COLLUSION NO OBSTRUCTION!

Yeah, I don't know, either.

This week, the government replied to Powell's fever dreams and Judge Emmet Sullivan canceled a hearing set for November 7, telling parties to argue more on paper and come back to him later.

The Flynngate saga continues.

Yup, Sidney Powell's still batshit

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Judge Really Sorry He Can't Make Trump Not Be A Dick To US-Liberians, But That Is 'Law'

A lawsplainer.

Liberians have had protected immigration status in the United States for decades. In 2019, Trump announced that he would be terminating this protected status, leaving the thousands of Liberians already in the country suddenly undocumented.

Nonprofit organizations African Communities Together and UndocuBlack Network, along with several Liberian nationals who currently have protected immigration status, sued, represented by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

Yesterday, a federal judge in Massachusetts dismissed the lawsuit, saying the court has no authority to order the president to extend protected status to Liberian immigrants -- even if Trump's decision was based on unconstitutional racial bias.

So that's just great.

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2020 democratic primary

Justice Kennedy Was Not Good, Mayor Pete. He Was Not Good.

We do not need another one.

Say it ain't so, Pete.

In an interview with Cosmo this week, Mayor Pete Buttigieg decided to talk about his plans for the Supreme Court by ... praising former Supreme Court Justice and lifelong Republican Anthony Kennedy, who stepped down so Donald Trump could put Brett Kavanaugh on the Court.

So I've floated several ideas and deliberately kept some level of open-mindedness about which ones are going to work best. One of them would be to have 15 members, but 5 of them can only be seated if the other 10 unanimously agree. The idea here is you get more justices who think for themselves. Justices like Justice Kennedy or Justice Souter, and there are many legal scholars who think this could be done without a constitutional amendment under current law.


Where to start?

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Conspiracy Theories

You Know When You Wake Up Mad At Your Wife For Something She Did In Your Dream?

Anyway, Larry Klayman is suing Joe Biden, for "YouTube."

Oh good. Larry Klayman, walking proof that anyone can graduate law school and work for the United States Department of Justice, is back.

You may remember Mr. Superlawyer Klayman from some of his greatest hits, such as suing all the black people, trying to subpoena Bill Clinton's penis, and suing Robert Mueller, the DOJ, FBI, NSA, Jeff Bezos, and others on behalf of none other than Jerome Corsi.

In this week's edition of Florida Man Goes to Court, Klayman is both the plaintiff and the lawyer, so you just know it's going to be good.

This week, Klayman filed Klayman v. Biden against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the Biden campaign, and Biden campaign communications director and deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield for ... wait for it ... getting him kicked off of YouTube.

Yes, really.

As with everything involving Larry Klayman, if you want to really understand it, you should probably huff a few sharpies first.

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Who Watches The Ratf*ckers?

Not the Supreme Court!

Yesterday, the Supreme Court reversed an order for Michigan to redraw its completely ratfucked legislative maps before the 2020 election. Because if it involves voter enfranchisement, you can bet the Judicial Wing of the Republican Party Roberts Court will strike it down.

The reversal took the court just one sentence:

The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan for further consideration in light of Rucho v. CommonCause, 588 U.S. ___ (2019).

The decision in League of Women Voters v. Chatfield was bad, albeit expected. The case the order cites to, Rucho v. Common Cause, is the completely bullshit decision the Roberts Court dropped last summer, saying federal courts can't hear partisan gerrymandering cases BECAUSE THE GOP SAYS SO. As your FDF wrote at the time,

I got no jokes, people. This is a very bad day for democracy. We lost Rucho v. Common Cause, the gerrymandering case, in a 5-4 decision, with Chief Justice John Roberts giving Republican legislatures a thumbs up to ratfuck electoral maps forever.
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Trump DOJ Knows Who Was An Innocent Lamb And It Is Richard Nixon


Hey, remember the Mueller investigation? It happened when you were a baby and now you're all growned up! But among all the craziness of IMPEACHMENT-THIRTY MOTHERFUCKERS, you might have forgotten that the House of Representatives is still in court to get the grand jury information that was redacted from the Mueller Report, and also all of Mueller's underlying evidence and witness transcripts and whatnot. One of the reasons they want that information is because House Democrats believe it might show that Donald Trump lied to Mueller when he said he had no idea his campaign was cahootsing with WikiLeaks. There's a LOT of evidence that he knew exactly what was happening, and was briefed on upcoming leaks. Michael Cohen says he totally knew about it.

In the olden times of this past Tuesday, they were in court before Judge Beryl Howell, and Donald Trump's Department of Justice had some really interesting new ideas to share, on top of its running "legal" theory that the president can't be investigated, because he's above the law. They apparently think Watergate shouldn't have happened, because the congressional investigation itself was BIG BAD WITCH HUNT NIXON GOT A RAW DEAL-GHAZI!!11!!1!!!!

Clearly, they are full of shit.

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