Scumbag Has-Been John Edwards Maybe About To Admit To Fathering That Poor Baby


From his teevee-anchor dyed & blow-dried hair to his repulsive stucco fortress on a million acres of North Carolina scraped dirt, everything about the ambulance-chasing personal injury attorney has always cried FRAUD, but the most disgusting part about Edwards was his phony public displays of fucky love for his poor (yet fantastically rich) old wife, who always has cancer.

And now, local sources tell us, the stupid yearlong melodrama around Edwards' hippie girlfriend and bastard love-child and jackass lackey pretending to be the baby's father and some now-dead gazillionaire paying off the lady (because John-John just couldn't afford it!) has finally almost ended, and the shit-bird will supposedly 'fess up today, on the teevee. [WRAL]


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