Scumbag Smithsonian Chief Resigns!

Bye Mr. Ripoff! - WonketteSmithsonian Secretary Lawrence M. Small is out just a month after his obscene expense reports showed up in the Washington Post -- Small made off with $2 million in ridiculous "expense reimbursements" in his three short years on the job, including hundreds of thousands of dollars out of "petty cash." Oh, and when the inspector general started investigating the outlandish expenses, he commanded her to lay off. She didn't.

He was running a pretty awesome scam: The Smithsonian even paid for the repairs on his mansion's swimming pool! Meanwhile, Smithsonian employees were being told they couldn't turn on the lights at work, due to budget cuts.

Does he get to keep the $48,000 chairs in his office?

Smithsonian head replaced amidst criticism [Washington Post]


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