Ha ha, the 2012 GOP primary season may turn out to be a boring one, but at least it will be really, really weird: here, for example, is amoral Fox News imp-turd Sean Hannity staring in disbelief as Rick Perry smacks down Mitt Romney for being a "vulture capitalist" over and over like a drugged armadillo. Hannity steps in to demand: WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE AN OCCUPY COMMUNIST?

Hannity even tries to remind Perry that he's supposed to be attacking Romney for hating fetuses and giving people healthcare, but ...nope! Rick Perry is all bile and populist fury: "I happen to think that if they were gonna be real venture capitalists, they would come in and help clean up those companies, save those jobs rather than comin' in and pickin' their bones clean, which is exactly what I think they did." And then Hannity's all, "why are you just secretly Barack Obama dressed up as a dumb gay cowboy." Hahahaha, we love you already, 2012. [Crooks and Liars]


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