Some people might be glad Congress decided to switch things up a bit and actually do some work on Thursday night to keep the government open and functioning. (Yes, we know what "functioning" means, and yes, we're using that term loosely.)

But those people are idiots. If House Republicans had a true leader who was not a total RINO wimp sell-out traitor, they would have refused to pass a spending bill and forced the government to shut down in order to teach President Obama a lesson about something something executive action oh yeah that's right he's black.

But nooooooooo. As Not Idiot Sean Hannity explained on Fox News, the speaker of the House has basically turned into the drunker, oranger Nancy Pelosi, when you think about it (but not too hard).

Also, too, Sean Hannity has coined a super clever new nickname for the speaker -- John Gruber Boehner -- which you know is super clever because Hannity said it many, many times, and it's our new favorite drinking game. Apparently, comparing someone to Jonathan Gruber -- who all of a sudden has become the real architect of Obamacare and the boogeyman du jour who dared to question the intelligence of the American people (oh no, not that!), which of course has required lots of foot-stamping and outrage and congressional investigations -- is a great way to insult them. Spread the word.

John Boehner Gruber-ed [drink!] conservatives tonight, and by that I mean, the conservative base in particular, and Michele Bachmann hit the nail on the head. He never would have done this before the election. He has no inspiring vision, and to me, he is everything that’s wrong with Washington. He’s a Democratic Party lite. He doesn’t have those bold colored differences that Reagan talked about, and in my view, he should not be the speaker, he should be replaced.

It would probably be really rude of us to point out that Boehner has, in the past, worked with Democrats -- oh the horror! -- to eventually pass spending bills to keep the government running. But this is different and unprecedented, because conservatives love to pretend that everything that outrages them is unprecedented, which is why NOW Boehner is a traitor because he "aligned himself with the president, with Harry Reid, with Steny Hoyer, and Joe Biden to pass a spending bill."

Hannity then asks his Also Not Idiots guests Rich Lowry, from the Not Idiotic National Review, and Scottie Hughes, from the equally Not Idiotic Tea Party News Network, to agree with him. And surprise -- they do! (Although for some reason they resist getting in on the Gruber drinking game; maybe they aren't real Republicans either.)

Hannity is also really bothered that the bill includes funding for "illegal immigrants" and Obamacare. And Boehner just went along with it like some kind of guy whose job it is to keep the government funded. Ugh! Repeal Boehner!

He's not doing his job representing an alternative vision for the country. This isn't about repealing and replacing Obamacare. It seems that he is cowardly. He doesn't have -- to me, he doesn't have -- he has an inordinate fear of being blamed for a shutdown and no vision to inspire the rest of the country that he has an idea that's going to solve the problems that we face, which are great at this moment in history.

It's hard to imagine why Boehner might be afraid of Americans blaming him and the Republican Party for shutting down the government. Maybe it's because that's exactly what they would do? Nah, that couldn't be it.

We do have to agree with Hannity -- and yes, we hate ourselves for doing so -- that Boehner has no vision for the country and that we are not exactly assured that he has any idea how to solve the problems we face. Maybe because after Republicans enjoyed their sweeping victory in November, the first "new" idea we heard from them about how they are SO going to save America now that they're in charge is to, big surprise, repeal Obamacare. But for real this time.

So yes, Hannity, we agree with you that Boehner sucks, and sure, we'll play the Gruber drinking game, because drinking game. But maybe burning everything to the ground, in the name of St. Ronald Reagan, might not be the best vision for America either? But what do we know? Maybe we are Grubers too. Drink!

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