Sean Taylor Murder Under Investigation

i think this was his numberPolice are investigating the murder of the Washington Redskins' Sean Taylor, who died in a Miami Hospital over the night after being shot early Monday morning. Since Taylor had reported a previous break-in to his home eight days prior to the shooting -- and Taylor's fiancee found the house phone line cut when she tried to call the police Monday morning -- something more than circumstance appears to be at play. As Redskins vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato noted today, ""This was a deliberate attack."

The intrusion into the 24-year-old Taylor's home eight days before the shooting could be interpreted as a warning, but may just be sloppiness (from WaPo):

An intruder pried open a front window, went through drawers and a safe and left a kitchen knife on a bed, according to the police report of the Nov. 18 incident. A day after that first incident, Taylor called [Redskins head coach Joe] Gibbs from Miami and requested permission to remain in the city to deal with matters related to the attempted burglary, Gibbs said.... Since the Redskins drafted Taylor, the safety has had several brushes with the law and National Football League rules. Taylor was charged with a felony count of aggravated assault with a firearm for allegedly brandishing a gun in a Miami neighborhood in 2005.

As for now, however, the Post reports that fans spent Tuesday morning huddling around Taylor's parking space at FedEx Field.

Sean Taylor Dies in Miami [WP]


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