Nice Justice Department You Got Here, Shame If Trump And Billy Barr Happened To It

This is about Trump making problems go away for his favorite Turkish dictator and shut up, it is too interesting!

Trump Maybe Fired State Department IG To Cover Up Way More Than Mike Pompeo's Dog Poop

Hello Saudis, our old friends ... Trump's come to talk with you agaiiiiiiin ...

Jeff Bezos Responds To MBS Phone Hack By Setting Saudi Arabia On Fire

Sorry to interrupt your impeachment, but HOLY SHIT!

Jared Kushner Won't Let A Little BONE SAW Ruin His Bromance With Mohammed Bin Salman!

They're still texting emojis to each other, because OF COURSE they are.

Bone Saw Week Overtime: The Fisticuffs Edition

These sequels keep getting dumber.

Why Would John Bolton Listen To Khashoggi Murder Tape? He Doesn't Even Bone Saw In Arabic!

How are we covering up a gruesome murder to appease Trump's Saudi besties today?

Mohammad Bone Saw SHOCKED To Find Khashoggi Murder Premeditated

He'll get to the bottom of this 'heinous crime'!

Trump Fingers ROGUE KILLERS With Diplomatic Passports (And Bone Saw) For Saudi Slaying

Nice Oil Market! Be a shame if you forced Saudi Arabia to tank it.


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