Jeff Bezos Responds To MBS Phone Hack By Setting Saudi Arabia On Fire

Sorry to interrupt your impeachment, but HOLY SHIT!

Congress To Hold Hearings On How Gross Trump's Yeti Pubes Really Are

Just no visual aids of the Mario Kart dick, please. The whole world is trying to eat lunch right now.

Hey Hope Hicks! Jerry Nadler Would Like To See You In His Office.

Did Hopey LIE TO CONGRESS? It sure seems like that's a possibility that has not been ruled out!

Trump V. Beto: No Contest. Wonkagenda For Tues., Feb. 12, 2019

Trump takes on Beto, you're not getting a tax refund, and David Pecker's little Bonesaw. Your morning news brief!

Hedge Fund Orders Pecker To Take A Little Off The Top

It's a forced sale of the National Enquirer! What were you pervs thinking?

​Subpoena-Thirty Just Got A Li'l Bit More Interesting, Motherf*ckers!


The Porn Star, The Playmate, The President And His Pecker. Just Look At This Passel Of Putzes!

Trump and David Pecker knew EXACTLY what they were doing. LOCK THEM UP!

One Million Former Prosecutors Agree Trump Is A F*cking Criminal

OK, maybe the letter doesn't have 'one million' signatories yet. Check back at lunch.

Hey Trump, Remember That SDNY Porn Payoff Criminal Investigation? IT REMEMBERS YOU!

Turns out investigators have had some questions for Hope Hicks! And Keith Schiller too!

Did Roger Stone DEEP STATE Jeff Bezos's Marriage To Death? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

There's no blackface in this story. Which is about the best you can say for any of these people.


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