Yay, we get to watch them eat each other's heads off again!

Some Asshole Hotelier Sends Big Scary Lawyer After Your Wonkette!

Oh we are quaking in our boots over here, wanking motion.

One Last Grift On His Way Out The Door

T----p pardons some weird shit.

Who Needs Dr. Fauci When You Have Dr. Diamond And Dr. Silk?

Who's even dying of coronavirus? Let's ask these experts!

Twitter Revokes Diamond And Silk's Immunology Degrees

All they did was suggest people go get infected with Rona for good health. Is that wrong?

The Following Things Are Wrong On The Internet Today

That GOP convention line-up was a joke, and the border wall video is a month old.

Oh No, Donald Trump Hates Ivanka's Husband Again

Have you met WOKE JARED? He is a big problem, according to Axios, which believes literally anything you tell it.

Join Us In A Festive Jig On Steve King’s Political Grave

Good riddance, you magnificent racist bastard.

Mighta Been Nice To Have Trump On Tape Admitting He Was Lying About Coronavirus Back In February, BOB

Bob Woodward's book is out. Seems pretty cool. Just one thing, BOB.


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