Ron Johnson's Nickname For His Penis Is 'Hot Dish.' This Is A Lie But Very Important To Retweet

Ron Johnson is the Senate's Dumbest Republican and that's not a lie.

Senate's Dumbest Republican Also A Sniveling Toady If You're Into That Sort Of Thing

And he's not even rolling over for Trump, he's rolling over for Hugh Hewitt. Yikes!

Meet The Ukrainian Idiot Laundering Russian Propaganda Into The Senate's Dumbest Republican's Brain!

You've met Andriy Derkach before. It's time to get to know him better than ever.

CIA Treating Senate's Dumbest Republican Like Toxic Dump Human He Is

Sounds like they know exactly where Ron Johnson's bullshit Biden Ukraine investigation came from. (It is the Kremlin.)

Biden Campaign Gonna Use Senate's Dumbest Republican Ron Johnson As Chew Toy Now

Gotta fight Russian propaganda where it is, after all.

Senate's Dumbest Republican F*cking That Hunter Biden Chicken Again

Because that's what Americans really care about right now.

It's A GOP Clown Car Sunday!

Welcome to your Sunday Show rundown!

BREAKING: Ron Johnson Is A POS

Not shocking but very much true!

CIA Says Putin 'Probably' Personally Directing Biden Attacks. Sounds Like FBI And NSA Agree!

Watch out for Donald Trump to fire literally everyone this week.


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