Liz Cheney Correct About Thing

No, it's not about January 6 or Donald Trump being trash.

Liz Cheney Goes Out Swinging

Sorry, this is still bad news.

Tuesday Primary Preview: So Long, Liz Cheney & Sarah Palin?

Once upon a time, that would’ve all been good news.

Ginni Thomas Just A Sweet Christian Lady Who Never Tried To Steal An Election At All, Wait WHAT Texts?

My goodness, how could the January 6 Select Committee have been so mean?

In The Bunker With Kari Lake

Oh wait, that's loser Kari Lake.

Jake Tapper Tells Mike Pence It's OK To Be Angry At Trump

And other highlights from a weird fuckin' town hall.

Dick Cheney Takes Donald Trump Quail Hunting, With Words

When Dick Cheney is one of the highest quality Republicans in the land, %&*#)Q@(*^$(P*!&#$)*(&!*(#&)$(*&#*(1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FORFUCKSSAKE!


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