Sec. Of State's Husband Already Holding Long, Secret Chats With Putin At Private Forums


Bill Clinton is, without question, going to ruin the world at some point during his wife's tenure as Secretary of State. Although some may call this "Clinton Derangement Syndrome," or whatever the cool term is these days for completely distrusting two people in everything they do, let's check out Bill Clinton's first big action after promising to keep a lower profile: getting drunk with Putin at the Davos World Economic Forum, and then holding a long chat with him in a private room guarded by Secret Service agents!

Really, is this not the single sketchiest thing you could imagine Clinton doing a mere week after his wife became the head of America's international relationships department? Sure, he's a major figure and could be useful diplomatically -- perhaps he had a message to deliver! WHO KNOWS -- but at least make him register as an official State Dept. envoy or something, rather than this private, drunk insanity:

Upon arriving here on Wednesday afternoon, he conducted a series of quiet meetings with foreign leaders that culminated in an intense late-night discussion with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The two former presidents met at a Sheraton hotel where Putin held a private party, following an early evening reception at a local museum hosted by Clinton.

Putin greeted Clinton cordially as "our good friend" as they raised glasses of vodka and then listened to a pianist pound out "In the Hall of the Mountain King." When the musical entertainment concluded, they moved to a table in a separate room with access strictly controlled by Secret Service and Russian security agents. Flanked by aides and an interpreter, the two men talked for nearly 90 minutes before they rose and walked out together for a few pictures with partygoers and members of Clinton's entourage.

Clinton will soon announce that Putin is our greatest ally and we should give him weapons, for Freedom, and then he will run to the nearest bank to deposit an anonymous $1,000,000,000 donation to his "Foundation" fund.

Bill and Vladimir [New York Observer]


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