Second-Best Book Recall This Year (After Kaavya Viswanathan)

Sometimes books get pulled due to massive and widespread plagiarism. And sometimes they get pulled for more amusing reasons. Consider what happened to Leaving Women Behind : Modern Families Outdated Laws:

There is a misspelled word in the Foreward by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican from Texas. On page vii of her brief 2-page Foreword, Senator Hutchison's 2nd of 5 paragraphs begins:

"Despite these remarkable changes, and the major progress women have made in obtaining equality in the workplace, our *pubic* policy institutions have not kept pace."

The word should have been *public*. Can you imagine the discussions between the senator's staff and the publisher when they found out? Can't help but feel for the people whose job it was to proofread that piece at both ends.

Oops! Some poor staffer probably got canned over this. But maybe Senator Hutchison deserves part of the blame.

Even if some staffer drafted the foreword, it was only two pages long -- the Senator should have proofread it herself. But that Senator Hutchison, she's "spacey."

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