Second Life Also Destroys the Environment!

Julie MacDonald, the Interior Department's Assistant Secretary of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, is in a bit of hot water for, well, the usual cronyism bullshit that every single hack in every single department is guilty of to varying degress. One of the complaints: she was a bit careless with sensitive DoI documents, and, you know, tended to forward a lot of them on to lobbyists and right-wing think tanks. Oh, and random 14-year-old internet nerds.


Yeah, she sent the documents to some dude she was cybering with in Second Life (probably). He was probably a giant feces-spewing monster of some kind.

(Frankly, the next paragraph, wherein MacDonald can't remember why she sent a sensitive document to a guy whose name she couldn't remember and whose email address ended with, might be even funnier. But we'll waste no opportunity to mock Second Life!)

Interior Department Official Distorted Agency's Own Science to Avoid

Protecting Endangered Species [Center for Biological Diversity (pdf linked at bottom)]


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