Second-Tier Demrats, Let's Face It, Just Want Obama

yeah, you press this button and a nuke goes off in china, whenever i want it to. so yeah, you have my number, don't lose it, call me in novemberIt's afternoon on the day of the Iowa caucuses (huzzah!), which is about time for the candidates that are obviously going to lose, that were always going to lose and lose badly, to make backup plans. They need 15% to make the second ballot tonight, but when has Dennis Kucinich, Joe Biden or Bill Richardson ever seen a number like that next to his name? But perhaps, for a little price, the ObaMafia can help them complete this task...

While Dennis Kucinich's support of Obama for the second ballot if (when) he doesn't make it had a more charitable aspect to it, Biden and Richardson are fighting to the death over fourth place -- much like certain junkyard curs fight over fresh flat tires. Both campaigns are rumored to be making deals with the Obama campaign that would help get him his precious "win" and the other that coveted fourth. Because the fourth placer gets to participate in the New Hampshire forum, which is a fast track for random hobos with no support to win presidential nominations.

While both the Richardson and Biden campaigns deny that ANY of this is happening, um, it's very logical: Biden and Richardson have officials in counties where either has no chance of getting 15%, and those officials can urge Biden/Richardson supports in those counties to throw their votes behind Obama on the second ballot. In return, Obama officials can selectively lend their support to Biden/Richardson on the first ballot in counties where Obama has a surfeit. So Biden/Richardson gets fourth, Obama beats the thundercunt Hillary Clinton.

Confusing (not because of the process but because I can't write good)? Then just know that Biden and Richardson may not so much like teh Hillz.

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