Secret Interrogation Techniques to be Replaced With Other Secret Interrogation Techniques

brazil46.jpgTurns out our whole "have lawyers and neo-con think tankers make up an interrogation policy on the fly, then let untrained soldiers and reservists improvise" policy has resulted in a little bit of torture, here and there. Which, you know, awesome, everyone loves torture, let a thousand Guantanamos bloom, but now it turns out that torture isn't really that effective, unless you're trying to get some poor out-of-favor nomenklatura to admit to plotting to kill Stalin.

Now some hippies from the, uh, Intelligence Science Board, are going around trying to convince the CIA and the military that it should start coddling terrorists instead of waterboarding them. And all because Soviet-style torture doesn't actually produce reliable intelligence!

What kind of Defeatocrat could possibly believe that well-trained interrogators familiar with the culture and fluent in the language of the detainees would produce better information than, say, this:

Mr. Krongard even recalls receiving a proposal for help with questioning Qaeda suspects from an American dentist who said he "could create pain no human being could withstand."

Thankfully, instead of some pussy WWII-style program, the Bush administration is just going to say they've stopped waterboarding while enacting a new executive order preserving an unknown number of secret "enhanced" interrogation techniques, because it will always be September 12 forever and ever until we die of global warming.

Interrogation Methods Are Criticized [NYT]


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