Secret Radical Group On Internet Plans To Occupy & Destroy Wall Street


This is probably some kind of obvious trap to collect the 10,000 or so people in America with any backbone (out of 307,000,000 "depressed consumers") and send them to FEMA death camps, but something called "Days of Rage" keeps sending us emails about a proposed occupation of Wall Street beginning on September 17 and lasting until everyone involved is smashed with tanks a la Tienanmen Square. Considering there are about 50 million jobless people in this country, why not encourage them all to go to Lower Manhattan for lulz? When they get hungry, they can eat "fat cats" or whatever. RevoLULZion!

As a critical FIRST STEP, we call on Citizens to take the lead. Bring your friends and neighbors together to non-violently protest the tyranny of kleptocrats on Sept 17, 2011 (#Sept17).

We at DO NOT tolerate violence of any kind. US Day of Rage NYC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles stand is solidarity with each others' actions and endorse the planned actions of the NYC Assembly to #occupywallstreet on #Sept17.

We will support and endorse the planned action of a NON-VIOLENT occupation of the financial district by the free and independent assembly of people, which is currently being planned by the NYC Assembly. We will post their website and plans as soon as they are live. The next assembly meeting is Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 5pm in Tompkins Square Park. Come down. Everyone is welcome.

We have been to a few of these demonstrations/occupations in the past -- only as disinterested media observers, of course! -- and we can say with Full Confidence that if you want to bring your tent and occupy Wall Street, do NOT go to the pre-party at Tompkins Square. That is where you'll be captured by the pig$ and put on the bus to the freedom camp. Just go straight to Wall Street, and prepare for "non violence" from the 10,000 riot cops in Darth Vader Armor. Gah, always with the "non violence." Oh also don't loot any corporate chain stores because that's apparently not allowed. (See: England, Battle of Seattle, etc.) [DAYS OF RAGE]


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