Secret Service Denies Existence of Any So-Called 'Cupcake Mutiny'

Secret Service Denies Existence of Any So-Called 'Cupcake Mutiny'

Yesterday weexamined a blind quote, as reported by a local Virginia TV station, about how the Secret Service agents working for Joe Biden "thanked" bakery owner Chris McMurray for rejecting a visit form the the vice president and "standing up" to the evil Obama campaign Chicago-style photo-op machine's YOU DIDN'T BAKE THAT juggernaut of shame. It wouldn't have been too shocking if a Secret Service agent got carried away in some form -- hummina hummina! -- but it also would have been a very risky career move to be politicking on the job like that. Our best guess was that the agents bought cookies and stuff from the baker as a common move to thank them for the inconvenience. And also because they wanted cookies and stuff. A Secret Service spokesperson has now offered comment saying, yeah, what the Wonkette blog said. (Paraphrase.)

Now that a government spokesperson who's protecting his agency and wasn't there has denied this story, it is 100% clear that it didn't happen. From a National Review UPDATE:

UPDATE: I just got a call from Max Milien, a spokesman for the United States Secret Service. He told me unequivocally, “our personnel were not involved in making that statement.” Milien said there were agents in the bakery, along with (similarly dressed) local law enforcement, but that USSS was there merely to thank the shop owners for their trouble and apologize for any inconvenience the advance team may have caused them.

[National Review]


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