Secret Service Keeps Imposter's Name Secret


Fake town halls. Fake Secret Service agents. It has a pleasing kind of symmetry. But why is the real Secret Service protecting the identity of the guy who donned agent drag in Denver last month for a taxpayer-funded Social Security town hall meeting, then booted three attendees for the newly invented infraction of listening while being Democrats? So far, all the Secret Service has said is that the imposter was a "Republican Party staffer." Jay Klinkerman, chairman of the Colorado Young Republicans, is also keeping his mouth shut on this one. He helped the mystery man oust the trio, but won't talk "without a lawyer" present. Were any lawyers present this weekend when the Colorado Young Republicans apparently pulled a 14-hour all-nighter at Dewey's American Grill? Talked about a missed opportunity.

Young Republicans chairman confronted [Rocky Mountain News]

April Meeting [Colorado Young Republicans]


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