Secret Service May Shoot Clintons in the Foot

chertoff.jpgHere's something awkward: guess who has detailed knowledge of anything and everything the Clintons have done, including where they have been and who they have met with 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the past 15 years? The one, the only Michael Chertoff! Not to worry though. It's not like he played any kind of prosecutorial role in the Whitewater investigations or anything.

Yes, it's true that Chertoff has access to a certain amount of this information about all of us, but thanks to the Clinton's life-long secret service detail, DHS's Clinton files get thicker by the day, and according to a HuffPo story lifted from Consortium News. Hill and Bill are worried that at some point, this stuff is going to be used to against them, though I can't imagine what they've been doing that could possibly be embarrassing.

Also, kudos to the way in which Robert Parry revived this surprisingly familiar chic mid-90s fashion. I guess truly classic things really never do go out of style.

Clinton Insiders Fear Secret Service Records Could Damage Campaign [HuffPo]

-- Greg Wasserstrom


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