See Marlon Brando Improvise His Way To a Communist-Free America

  • Tonight through Saturday, August, 1: If you've ever wanted to pretend you were Christopher Walken, or contemplate good versus evil using only pantomime, or if you just like watching people attempt to be funny on the spot (and then laugh at them when they don't succeed), go to the Improvapalooza at the Source theater this weekend -- 85 shows and 16 hours of comedic genius (hopefully) for just $10 a day. [The Washington Improv Theater]

  • Saturday, August, 1: The Studio Theaters' annual garage sale is tomorrow from 10AM-4PM. This is your chance to buy items from recent productions that you absolutely don't need, like a frog fountain, Charlie Brown Christmas tree, or, perhaps the best item for sale, a hot dog pushcart. [Studio Theater]
  • Sunday, August, 2: In addition to hosting the Washington Improv Theater this weekend, the Source is opening its doors and hosting an open house. You can learn how to use a light saber (a very valuable skill) AND how to make a hip-hop t-shirt (a dancing t-shirt, so pomo). A lot of the activities are geared for kids, but it's a nice way to get an inside scoop on how a theater does its thing. [Source Theater]
  • Monday, August 3: Did you know, young Wonkabout reader, that Marlon Brando wasn't always fat (or dead)? In fact, he was, like, totally hot. And a contender (we'll give it to him). See this strapping young man in On the Waterfront at Screen on the Green on Monday. And your Wonkabouter contends that just because a movie has won an Oscar does not mean that it's right for outdoor viewing. Anyone want to see Schindler's List outside on a beautiful summer night? Didn't think so. [Screen on the Green]
  • Wednesday August, 5: Asylum, a dark bar in Adams Morgan known for its vegan brunch and 50-cent beer happy hour on Saturdays, is hosting a Wes Anderson Film Festival. Catch the last film in their series, The Darjeeling Limited, next Wednesday at 8PM. It's free, but get there early to reserve a spot. [Asylum]


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