Seemingly Boring Guy Appointed Head of Important-but-Boring Position

Sooooounds like a shake-up! The U.S. Trade Representative has been tapped to replace the head of the OMB, who was tapped to replace the Chief of Staff. The Trade Representative's deputy will take his place, and Andrew Card will be brought in to be her deputy. Right?

Rob Portman, who isn't related to Natalie and therefore loses his slight chance of being interesting, is the new entirely unaccountable head of that department that no one outside of Washington knows anything about but that has a ridiculous amount of power and influence. Well, one of those departments.

The move will probably be hailed as a good and necessary and wise one, mostly 'cause Portman is an on-background talker and the press likes him. Tomorrow, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice will switch jobs after a hilarious argument over whose is harder.

Great work, Yosh!

Bush Picks Portman as Budget Director [WP]


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