Rep. Adam Kinzinger Glad Y'all Know What Garbage-Asses His Cousins Are Now

This is a self-care post.

Quick follow-up on a story we told you about last week, of the very mean and terrible letter GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger's cousins sent him to let him know he is DISOWNED and BAD for turning his back on their one true lord and savior Donald Trump. It was handwritten, in a font called Extreme Grandma Cursive, and it revealed that God (the letter underlined things a whole lot) was VERY DISAPPOINTED in Kinzinger, because in denying Trump like a common Peter denying Christ, Kinzinger had "joined the 'devil's army' believing in abortion." (He is anti-abortion. It's one of the actual problems with him.)

So, so sad! the letter wailed. Kinzinger had not only lost the respect of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but also Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs and Greg Kelly and Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and Mark Levin and (now dead) Rush Limbaugh!

We headlined our story "Sorry about your family, Adam Kinzinger," not only because we received a similar letter one time from a family member, but also because we thought it was really exemplary of what's happening in lots of families these days. It didn't start with Donald Trump waddling down that escalator in 2015 and declaring war on America, but that was an inflection point. Some might argue it started with Fox News poisoning an entire generation of white conservatives' brains. Some might say it started even before that, with the onset of Rush Limbaugh (who is still dead), which generally coincided with when the batshit campaign to rebrand the Clintons as murderous fraud tyrants metastasized out of Arkansas and onto a national stage.

Anyway, Kinzinger went on CNN this morning, and said he's glad y'all got to read his cousins' letter, though he was not the one who leaked it. We figured he had, but he says actually the New York Times got it because one of his cousins sent it to "so many people out of so much anger" that eventually it just wound its way there. Oh, the perils of copy/pasting literally everyone on your Extreme Grandma Cursive screeds!

In the interview, Kinzinger gave some good advice, we think, to people who might be experiencing similar things in these heady times of seemingly sane people becoming brainwashed into the cults of Fox News, Trump, and now even more batshit stuff like QAnon.

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"'FAST'? 'ALREADY'?" he bellowed, followed by a cartoon string of epithets. He had a really good point! Every single day of the past four years has been a fight to even continue existing, and that's before the shithead that unaccountably somehow got "elected" president of the United States affirmatively killed more than 400,000 Americans and attempted to murder democracy itself.

It has been, dear ones, a trial.

Four years ago, I put "three months" in the office pool for how long it would be before Trump got bored and resigned because people were mean to him. I undershot it by 45 months. You should never ever ever listen to me.

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No, today's post will be on ... well, see for yourself.

Guys, get a grip, it's just a joke.

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