I guess we could bloog his funeral.

Good evening, and welcome to your Election Night 2020 Wonkette AMERICAN EXORCISM Liveblog, as hosted by Evan Hurst and me, your editrix! I don't want to jinx anything *spits, turns around, does a shot and knocks on wood with a ballpeen hammer*, but we're calm and ready and all signs point to me not having to write FUCK YOU AMERICA at one in the fucking morning. We may not know all the answers tonight, but ... we think ... the center will hold.

No we're not "centrist," you absolute schmendricks. It is from Yeats, you fuckheads!

Evan and I will be taking turns bringing you tidbits and tasty morsels, and we will only watch Fox if they are crying. We will probably come in late tomorrow! So yell at SER and Dok if posts are late, they are in charge and that is on them.

Here's hoping we get a 2008 repeat, where the networks call it at 8:00 and 30 seconds after the polls close on the West Coast. Because we need it. We are Good, and we deserve it. We — most of us — have survived the past four years where they worked hard to horrify us every hour of every day. But some of our beloveds have not survived. And if we weep tonight, let it be for joy and relief, and also for our friends, and let it wash us clean from the inside of all the hideousness that has been perpetrated in our protesting names.

Pffft dumb.


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Now Is The Time For All Good Wonks To Open Their Wallets, It's Friday!

Buy some shit or just give us money, you know, if you are able!

It's been a busy week in the old wonkmines, with Evan taking vacation days, Kamala destroying poor Renfield, the White House bugchasers succeeding in catching that bug, and ... you know ... some stuff. Many stuffs! All the things! Plus my good son made 300 RBG shirts and 250 coffee cups, and I packaged them, taking the "fucked up package rate" to under 50 percent instead of 92!

(If we fucked yours up, as always, please let us know!)

Which means we're ending this 80-hour workweek with our monthly shout to remind you HEY, MONEY.

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Brad Parscale Avoids Permanent Solution To Temporary Problem, Whew That Could Have Been TERRIBLE

Everybody breathe, get help if you need it.

Brad Parscale, Trump's former campaign manager, has been hospitalized after barricading himself in his home in Fort Lauderdale with multiple firearms and threatening to kill or otherwise harm himself on Sunday afternoon. His wife, who was not in the house with him, reported the incident to police who were able to talk him down and take him to Broward Health Medical Center for an evaluation.

Via New York Times:

The episode took place just before 4 p.m., the authorities said, outside a home that records show Mr. Parscale bought in 2019.

"When officers arrived on scene, they made contact with the reportee (wife of armed subject) who advised her husband was armed, had access to multiple firearms inside the residence and was threatening to harm himself," the Fort Lauderdale Police Department said in a statement. "Officers determined the only occupant inside the home was the adult male. Officers made contact with the male, developed a rapport, and safely negotiated for him to exit the home."

The reasons for Parscale's suicide attempt are not clear, although things have not really been going great for him lately.

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Republicans Want To Hurt Us And We Are Not Obligated To Be Friends With Them

The romanticization of Ginsburg and Scalia's friendship is a little much.

Among the various remembrances of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a lot of handwringing about how she and Antonin Scalia had such a lovely friendship and listened to opera together and rode elephants together and how we're not going to have those kinds of relationships between people who are ideologically opposed to one another anymore because of how we are all so bitterly divided.

Here is just a small sampling of them. You will note that they mostly come from conservatives.

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